Why us and not other free sites?

Simple answer: Because the other sites are a scam. We actually hold inventory of our codes and are known to give away over ten thousand Xbox Live memberships to our users with proof.

What we have to say:

This website is created in response to our competition by putting faith back into loyal gamers that Free Xbox Live Codes do exist. We were not happy seeing that searching for “Free xbox live” on Google resulted in fake, deceptive, malicious websites that reap money from advertisers and not reward the users.

If you’ve ever seen a similar website that offer the same service, you’d notice that the website may seem suspicious or too good to be true. Often the website would require you to complete steps which may seem simple, then lead you on by having to complete many more tasks in order to receive a code that turns out to be fake or used. An example would be a website that requires you to first like them via a social network, or share with x amount of friends in order to get a prize. When you finally share that website with multiple friends, you are then told to complete an offer or survey which makes the website owner money. When you finally are promised the Xbox Live code, the website provides you with a fake code or a code that has already been used. Do not trust other websites. Try us and you will not be left unhappy!

We have been giving away Xbox Live Gold Subscription Codes since 2010 and are proud to offer a wide selection of Xbox Live Codes. We have purchased thousands of dollars worth of Xbox Live codes to provide more than ten thousand gamers around the world with a legitimate Xbox Live Subscription. We are able to provide this service from getting bulk discounts from our suppliers through our reputable history in the industry.

Below are some pictures that prove our legitimate inventory of Xbox Live Codes that we give away to our users.

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