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We’re now on Google Plus!

We are proud to announce that we’ve just launched a Google+ Page! It probably won’t be as active as our Facebook page for a while, but you can change that! Please +1 us on Google Plus through our website and add our page to your circles! Soon we will hold exclusive contests and giveaways just for our Google+ followers to stray away from the FB Bandwagon.

Thank you fans for all your support!

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

Hi Fans! First off we’d like to apologize for not updating our blog more often. This article that you’re reading is actually one of our first posts since our launch date. The reason for the delay in updates is because we plan to roll out a whole new blog system, and the current one is obsolete. You should see our new blog system in the upcoming weeks.

We wanted to announce that we have just joined your favorite social networks: Facebook and Twitter!

You may have seen links around our website but no official announcement, so this is it! Our Facebook Page has reached over 4,000 fans within two weeks of its inception, however our Twitter page is quite a few followers behind.

Feel free to visit us on Facebook or Twitter, we have currently answered many of your support questions on there. Please also note that you now are free to comment on these blog posts as well as contact us by clicking on the Contact link on the bottom of our pages.

You can find us on our social networking pages by clicking the images below: