3-Step Process!

Getting an Xbox Live Subscription from Xbox Trial only takes three simple steps! We will demonstrate in this post how simple and easy it is to get your first free Xbox Live Code!

The first step is to simply like us on Facebook, or choose to wait 300 seconds. Simple isn’t it? Now at Step 2: You are given the option to complete a single offer from one of our 3 favorite advertisers. When you have completed just one offer, you’re left with just one more step, step 3! Step 3: This step you simply choose whatever prize you’d like, whether it be a 48-Hour Xbox Live Code, 14-Day Gold Trial Subscription, or even a 3-Month Code. Note, the 14-Day Gold Trial requires 3 offers, and the 3-Month Code requires 10. It often takes less than one minute per offer to credit!

3 Simple Steps Summarized:

  • Step 1: Like us on either Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or wait 60 seconds.
  • Step 2: Complete a single offer from any of our advertisers.
  • Step 3: Choose and redeem your prize!

It really is that simple! Below is an image walk-through of what you can expect.

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