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Latest Offer Completions in United States of America (Sitewide)

Below is a list of the most recently completed offers along with their advertising networks that have been completed on our website. This page is useful if you have trouble deciding which surveys or offers you'd like to complete for an Xbox Live Subscription. The latest completed offers should give you an idea of what offers are proven to credit.

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Completing any of the offers through the links on this page will credit your ip address ( to our website redeemable for an Xbox Live Gold Subscription or Amazon Gift Card.

TIP: To increase the success rate of your offer crediting, we recommend you completing offers only after clearing the cache and cookies on your web browser, or using Google Chrome in Incognito Mode. Also be sure to use real information (name/address/email/phone) and disabling any ad blockers when completing offers. Please note that some offers may take up to 15 minutes to credit to your IP Address.

Offer Name Network Country Completed On Offer Link
Fairy ChatCPALeadUnited States of America1 day, 10 hours agoComplete for Credits
Surveyandpromotion - $1000 Amazon VoAdwork MediaUnited States of America4 days, 22 hours agoComplete for Credits
Slot Machines - House of Fun Vegas CCPALeadUnited States of America2 weeks, 5 days agoComplete for Credits
Halloween Candy Survey - Mobile and CPALeadUnited States of America3 weeks, 4 days agoComplete for Credits
Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-FCPALeadUnited States of America1 month agoComplete for Credits
SweepstakesCentral - Win Cash NEW $1Adwork MediaUnited States of America1 month, 1 week agoComplete for Credits
ShopGala - SOI (US)Adwork MediaUnited States of America1 month, 2 weeks agoComplete for Credits
GetRewards - Win Nintendo Switch - SAdwork MediaUnited States of America2 months, 1 week agoComplete for Credits
Take a SurveyCPALeadUnited States of America2 months, 2 weeks agoComplete for Credits
Spell the words correctly!CPALeadUnited States of America3 months agoComplete for Credits